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The Kellar Institute for Human DisAbilities (KIHd) is an interdisciplinary campus-based organization focusing on improving the lives and productivity of children and adults with disabilities. KIHd combines the resources of the university with local, state, regional, national, public, and private sector agencies and organizations to develop products, services, and programs for persons with disabilities.


Students completing their four years with the Mason LIFE Program will graduate with a George Mason Certificate of Completion with a catalog concentration and a work specialty area. The Certificate of Completion is only awarded to those students who have completed four years at George Mason University.

As a federally approved Comprehensive Transition Postsecondary program, the Mason LIFE Program is mandated to promote inclusive opportunities by having Mason LIFE students participate in catalog classes. Per the student’s Person Centered Planning Meeting (PCP-see below), they have the ability to participate or audit in catalog or special topics classes beginning the second semester of their first year. With successful finishing of each course, as noted by test scores, work products, performances (when appropriate), and homework, the grade is entered on the academic record or transcript. These special topics classes fall under the Exploration Component, with the idea being that the students are free to explore areas of knowledge. A support staff attends the class with the student and the student is also enrolled in a two hour support class for additional support. It is this process that creates the catalog concentrations. Students graduating with a comprehensive concentration have studied and taken five or more catalog courses on a topic (eg., Communications).

All Mason LIFE students must participate in a PCP Meeting. Family members (either in person or by conference call), all coordinators and the students SPED Managers are present. During the meeting a plan is created for maximum growth with the student’s needs and wants being the focal point. The student ultimately is the one responsible for the implementation and completion of the plan. Therefore, the student’s thoughts and options carry the most weight. PCP Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 10am or noon and last one hour.

George Mason University Courses-Sample for Mason LIFE

First Year Courses (100-200 Level) First Year Courses (100-200 Level) contd.
Public Speaking, COMM 100 Golf Intro and Intermediate-RECR 169 and 170
Interpersonal and Group Interaction-COMM 101   Social Dance-RECR 172
Conflict and Our World-CONFL 101 Competitive Latin and Ballroom Dancing-RECR 174
Introduction to African American Studies-AFAM 200 Theatircal Medium-THR 101
Introduction to the Arabic Language-ARAB 101 Introduction to Classical Music-MUSI 101
Elementary Arabic-ARAB 110 Musics of the World-MUSI 103
Introduction to the Japanese Language-JAPA 101 and 102 Acting I-THR 210
Elementary Japanese-JAPA 110 Radio Workshop I -COMM 148
Elementary Spanish-SPAN 110 Formation of American Republic-HIST 121
Review of Elementary Spanish-SPAN 115 Introduction to Sports Management-SPMT 201
History of West Civilization-HIST 100   Jazz and Blues in America-MUSI 107
Formation of American Republic-HIST 121 Major World Regions-GGS 101
Human Religion Experience-RELI 100           Physical Geography-GGS 102
Introduction to Criminal Justice-CRIM 100 Human Geography-GGS 103
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology-ANTH 114 American Sign Language I-EDSE 115
Intro. to Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science-CLIM 111 American Sign Language II-EDSE 116
Introductory to  Geology I-GEOL 101  and Lab Introductory Biology I-BIOL 103 and Lab
Introductory to  Geology II-GEOL 102  and Lab Introductory Biology II-BIOL 104 and Lab
Environmental Science-EVPP 110 Popular Music in America-MUSI 102
Global Warming:Weather/Climate/Society- CLIM 101 Introduction to the Artist's Studio-AVT 103
Introduction to Computing-IT 103 Introduction to Visual Arts, ARTH 101
Pilates Introduction Intermediate-RECR 182  and 183 The Civil War and Reconstruction
Swimming Begin, Interm., Advance-RECR 162, 163, 164 Quantitative Reasoning-MATH 106
Tai Chi Introduction and Intermediate-RECR 184 185 Fundamentals of Music-MUSI 100 (read music notes)
Yoga Introduction and Intermediate-RECR 186 AND 187 Women/Gender Studies -WMST 200
Aerobics and Basic Conditioning-RECR 118 Disability in American Culture-EDUC 203
Judo Beginning and Intermediate-RECR 102 and 103 Developmental Psychology-PSYC 211
Personal Health-HEAL 110 Democratic Government and Practice-GOVT 101
Weight Training and Body Conditioning-RECR 120 Development of Modern America-HIST 122
Karate: Intro. and Intermediate-RECR 104 and 105 Survey of East Asian History (Pre to 1600)-HIST 251
Self Defense Intro and Intermed.-RECR 108 and 109 Survey of East Asian History (1600-present)-HIST 252
Intro. Athletic Training/Prevent Care Techniq-ATEP 150 Introduction to Events Management-TOUR 220
Tennis Intro and Intermediate-RECR 155 and 156  Intro. to Hospitality Management-TOUR 230
Second Year Courses (100-200 Level)  Third and Fourth Year Courses (100-400 Level)
Writing Across the Media-COMM 303 Introduction to Teaching-EDUC 300
Intro Geogrphic Information Systems-GGS 311 Educating Diverse Population-EDUC 301
Global Understanding thru Travel Tourism-TOUR 210 Human Growth Development-EDUC 302
Intermediate Arabic I-ARAB 201 Social Psychology-PSYC 231
Intermediate Arabic II-ARAB 202 Child Development-PSYC 313
Intermediate Arabic-ARAB 210 Abnormal Psychology-PSYC 325
Intermediate Spanish I-SPAN 201 Foundations in Intercultural Comm: COMM 305
Intermediate Spanish II-SPAN 202 Sports Writing and Reporting-COMM 371
Intermediate Japanese-JAPA 210 Business Profesional Comunication-COMM 320
Video Workshop-COMM 157 Sports Marketing-SPMT 412
New Media in the Creative Arts-AVT 180 Sport Communication-SPMT 430
Computer Hardware Fund-IT 212 Governance and Policy in Sports Organization-SPMT 455
Multimedia and Web Design-IT 213 History of Sports Scandals-HIST 389
Drawing I-AVT 222 Global Environmental Hazards-GGS 302
Fundamentals of Production-THR 230 Health Communication-HEAL 372
Painting I-AVT 232 Biology of Microorganisms-BIOL 305
Fundament. of Photography/Darkroom Photography-AVT 252 Fundations of Ecology/Evolution-BIOL 308
Introduction to Digital Photography-AVT 253 Conservation Biology/BIOL 318
Photography-AVT 254 Acting II-THR 310
Sculpture I-AVT 262 Movement for Actors-THR 303
Basic Game Design-GAME 210 Newspaper Workshop II-COMM 345
History of Computer Game Design-GAME 230 Yearbook Workshop-COMM 346
Social Psychology-PSYC 231 Drawing II-AVT 323
 Third Year Courses (100-300 Level) Painting II-AVT 333
Philosophical and Ethical Dimensions of Sport-SPMT 302 Sound Design-THR 337
Voice and Speech-THR 300 Radio Workshop II-COMM 348
Weather Analysis and Prediction-CLIM 301 (Math/Analytical)
Urban Geography-GGS 306
Intemediate Spanish-SPAN 210
Advanced Japanese-JAPA 250
Child Psychology-PSYC 313