Kellar Institute for Human DisAbilities (KIHd) - College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

Financial Information

Academic Tuition

Fall 2020/Spring 2021 tuition rates:
In State: $20,910/year, $10,455/semester
Out of State: $28,600/year, $14,300/semester

Residency On Campus Program Fees

$12,490/year is the room fee, $12,220/year is the support fee for a total cost of $24,710 per year.

Resources for Funding at George Mason University

  • College's hidden costs: What the admissions office does not tell you.
  • Federal Pell Grant: The Federal Pell Grant is a need-based financial aid award. To determine eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant, students must submit a FAFSA at, using Mason’s school code, 00374900.
  • Alternative Education Loan: Students and parents who need additional funding may want to consider an alternative education loan with Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae currently offers a Parent Loan that is approved for non-degree programs such as the Mason LIFE program. The Parent Loan is based on credit-approval and a parent or other borrower may apply for an amount up to the student’s educational costs, minus other scholarships or resources. Applications are available online at using the school code 00374900. Please note that while Sallie Mae is approved for non-degree programs such as Mason LIFE, not all lenders are approved for non-degree programs.
  • Mason Payment Plan: Monthly payment plans are available through the Student Accounts Office. Visit their website and click on the Payment Information tab. Instructions can be found on the Student Accounts website at
  • Virginia529 College Savings Plan or ABLEnow accounts: For those families who have contributed to a 529 Savings Plan, funds can be used for partial payment of tuition. The site for this type of funding is
  • Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board: For those students that qualify for self-direct funds. More information can be found at


Mason LIFE Program payments go through the Student Accounts Office.