Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbility - George Mason University
About Us

The Kellar Institute for Human DisAbilities (KIHd) is an interdisciplinary campus-based organization focusing on improving the lives and productivity of children and adults with disabilities. KIHd combines the resources of the university with local, state, regional, national, public, and private sector agencies and organizations to develop products, services, and programs for persons with disabilities.


Information for New Mason LIFE Employees

If you have received an offer letter from the Mason LIFE Program please read the employment document instructions in your offer letter very carefully. If you have not previously worked for George Mason University, go to http://hr.gmu.edu/welcome/parttime.php to download the following documents: Tax Withholding Forms, Wage Employment Information Sheet, Conditions of Employment, Commonwealth Drug & Alcohol Policy and (for males only) the Selective Service Form. These completed documents will be turned in along with your signed offer letter, a copy of your unofficial transcripts and a copy of your current class schedule.

If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Atkins, the Mason LIFE Program Office Manager at 703-993-3905 or by email at satkins5@gmu.edu.

Mason LIFE Program Employment/Timesheet Policy

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) and Virginia’s Secretary of Education have stated that wage employees will not be allowed to work more than 29 hours on average per week and up to 1500 hours per year. This rule applies to Mason LIFE Program wage and student wage employees. Therefore, you may not work more than 58 hours per week without permission from your Mason LIFE Program Component Coordinator as your timesheet will be flagged in the system and require special approval.

Your signed offer letter is your employment contract with the Mason LIFE Program. Until your signed offer letter and any other required employments documents have been received and processed by Lynne Paraggio, the Mason LIFE Program Office Manager, you are not in the George Mason University payroll system. When a timesheet is available in your Patriot Web account you will be able to log hours for pay. Any hours worked up until the point your timesheet appears will be considered volunteer hours. Please note that returning your signed offer letter and employment documents immediately is the best way to ensure that you will be added to the payroll system in a timely fashion.

All compensated positions begin with mentorship.

Mentors must support one semester to be eligible for a compensated position. Mentors must be in good program standing in attendance, reliability, and open to learning to be offered a compensated position. Once moved into a compensated role, all staff must attend regular staff meetings on Wednesdays from 3-4pm or arrange other continuous training from their direct supervisor.

  • Mason LIFE Program employment opportunities are in the following areas:
  • Employment Assistant
  • Instructional Support
  • Instructor
  • Residential Assistants

The beginning stipend rate is between $8.00 and $12.00 per hour, depending on the position, the duties the position entails and the qualifications required. Increases in the stipend rate are based on time with the program, experience or an increase in responsibilities. Mason LIFE Program student wage workers are paid on a bi-weekly basis and the schedule for bi-weekly pay may be found at the GMU Human Resources website under the Payroll tab.

NOTE: All licensure Internships, Practicums, Service Learning Hours, and Independent Studies are not compensated with stipend hours. In other words, if you are getting credit, you will not be receiving money for those hours.