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Community Involvement

Community Involvement at Mason LIFE is designed to give the student an opportunity to participate in both on and off campus activities.

Students in front of the George Mason statue holding up letters spelling VOTE

Social engagement on campus includes participating in student organizations, intramural club sports, and university wide events. Student progress is monitored and evaluated for continued program participation.

Is participation in clubs mandatory?

Yes, students must participate in 1 activity per week and join at least 1 club/organization per academic year.

How many clubs/organizations exist on campus?

There are over 400 different clubs and organizations on campus.

What are the types of clubs that currently exist?

Some examples of club categories include: multicultural/international, STEM, political, academic, wellness, religious/spiritual, arts, volunteer/service, hobbies, special interests, and many more. See Mason 360 for full list.

If I cannot find a club I like, can I create my own?

With over 400 different options, students tend to find one or more clubs of interest. However, if a student would like to develop their own official club, there is a process to do so through Mason Student Involvement.

Will Support Staff attend events with me?

Mason LIFE Community Involvement Support Staff will assist students in planning , sharing, and at times attending campus activities and events as a group. However, students are highly encouraged to participate in any clubs or organizations they are interested in on their own as well.

Will Mason LIFE plan activities and events?

Yes, at times, however the expectation is for students to plan and attend events and activities on their own as well.