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Housing at Mason LIFE is designed to support students in enhancing their independent living skills. Students will develop skills in the areas of inventory, shopping, meal preparation, cleaning and laundry. Additionally, students will learn to live with others and navigate the social aspects of becoming independent.

Students in student housing
What type of dorm will I live in?

Students reside in apartment suite style residence halls.

Will I have a roommate?

Students will have their own individual room in an apartment style suite. Each apartment suite will either consist of three Mason LIFE students and an Overnight Support Staff or four Mason LIFE Students with a Building Support Staff available as needed.

Can I switch roommates if we do not get along?

No, student room placements are final. All students will sign a roommate agreement at the beginning of the year outlining personal interests, cleaning preferences, student schedules, etc. This agreement will be used to address and resolve any conflicts if they arise. Additionally, all residential students must sign the Housing & Dining Agreement through Housing & Residence Life.

What rooms are in an apartment suite?

An apartment suite consists of

  • 4 individual bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 kitchen area
  • 1 dining/living room area

Each bedroom is furnished with an extra-long twin bed, desk and chair, chest of drawers, and an open closet. The kitchen consists of an oven, refrigerator, microwave, sink, counter, and cabinet space. The dining/living area consist of furnished couch, side chair, and either a dining table with 4 chairs or an eating counter with 4 bar stools. A video of the apartment suite can be found here.

Is there a Resident Student Handbook?

Yes, the handbook can be found on the Housing & Residence Life website.

Where can I do my laundry and do I have to pay for it?

There is a laundry facility located on each floor. Laundry costs are factored into your overall Room and Board fee.

Will professional staff clean my apartment suite?

No, all students are responsible for cleaning their space. A cleaning schedule is discussed and developed when all apartment residents sign their Roommate Agreement.

Will I have a curfew?

Yes, students need to be back in their dorm rooms by 9pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends. Additionally, quiet hours will be observed during the following times: 10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Sunday – Thursday and 12:00 a.m. (midnight) – 10:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Do I have to cook meals?

Yes, students are required to cook 3 full course meals for dinner each week. Students will receive support with preparing meals.

Will staff wake me up in the morning?

Support Staff can provide strategies to assist with waking up in a timely manner, however it is the student’s responsibility to develop their own routine.

Will Mason LIFE remind me to take my medication?

Support Staff can provide strategies to assist with medication management, but ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they take their medication.

Can I go off campus when I want to?

Yes, students are permitted to travel off campus independently, but you must complete an Independent Off-Campus Form.

Can I have guests stay overnight?

Yes, but only if all students living in the apartment suite give their approval.

Does Mason LIFE monitor how much money I spend?

Students have the opportunity to take a Budget Course through Foundational Academics, where they can learn about helpful tips and strategies to develop a budget. However, Mason LIFE does not provide any personal budgetary management.